For the last year, I’ve taken up painting and building miniatures as a new hobby and am really enjoying it. Primarily I’ve worked with Games Workshop minis, but staying with a Warhammer 40k theme I’ve picked up a fair number that while from other companies remain consistent with the setting. Particularly I wanted to fill in roles not covered by the basic sets that caught my mind. Thus I’ve done a mix of kitbashing and minis that just looked right to fill roles such as Catachan Rough Riders and female Imperial Guard. Suffice it to say the hobby does tend to grow, and become more expensive over time.

Adeptus Astartes space marines green tiger stripe camouflage fortunate sons miniatures games workshop painting warhammer

Marines of the Fortunate Sons chapter.

It started from a vague interest in Warhammer 40k as I’ve enjoyed the setting, and played a few video games based on it particularly the original Dawn of War. As a student of military history, I’ve also been fascinated by uniforms and how aspects of them get passed down even when the particular use does not remain. So I wondered how Space Marines would look like in a tiger-stripe pattern. In the lore these guys don’t tend to use camouflage, but even modern camouflage patterns are not always used actually to blend in, like how most Middle Eastern armies use green usually a relatively dark green not because they want to blend in but because contact with Western militaries has left them with the impression that its just a military color. More recently a debacle beset the US Military as it moved into newer patterns ostensibly for operations in places like Afghanistan leading to the introduction of UCP
thNote: he is supposed to blend in. On the other hand the program could be considered a success on account of how much Hollywood loved it portraying its adoption as complete years before it was even developed

With my feet wet I’ve gone into a few different projects for this. While I find skin and faces difficult they can also be pretty fun. I will post some tutorials on my kitbashing here for anyone who wants to copy any of my work.

A road-train based on Warhammer bits kitbashing project.