A few thoughts on the future of Brexit

I find it funny that a major rainstorm may have pushed Brexit over the top, might be god’s way of saying he hates Anjem Chourdry 😉

The whole thing will probably be more of a shift than a huge change, since the British Parliament will want to keep most of the more desirable aspects of integration. The EU was started primarily to facilitate trade, which remains a desirable end even as people start treating the EU as an end onto itself.Economically I don’t see the Germans or Brussels as going out of their way to punish Britain so shifts in trade will take awhile to come about, but smaller businesses will likely get a boost from the reduced red tape.
On the nationalism front, Scotland went in heavily for remain and if some of the economically depressed areas of Northern England got similar generosity from the EU as Scotland gets they might have as well (trouble being that someone in the end has to pay for such largess). National independence movements are much more practical if both parts remain inside the EU (Scottish nationalists went heavily for remain) making a breakaway probably less likely (other people’s like the Catolonians and Basques of Spain might likewise warm to the idea of the EU).
Northern Ireland interests me, and has for a longtime. Outside of nationalism greater integration with the Republic of Ireland gives them a boost that’s impossible to ignore and probably why many of the Protestants voted remain. Keeping those strengthened links to Ireland might become a very large priority for the next British government.
The countries of East Central Europe (especially Poland and Lithuania) will be very eager for any deal which lets their citizens keep working in Britain. On a side note, contrary to some reports this is not expected to effect the filming of Game of Thrones since almost all the subsidies for film and television come directly from Britain.

Quite a few British politicians have taken a huge hit, not simply for backing the side which only lost by a couple percentage points, but for the hyperbolic and even apocalyptic messages they send about the consequences of secession.

The strangest people of all this are the Anarchist Black Blocers for the EU, anarchists for the state makes no sense especially in the case of a directly democratic referendum.