For the Love of Audiobooks

In just the last couple weeks I decided to give audiobooks a try as a way I could go for walks and run errands while getting something else done at the same time. I can safely say I have zero regrets about my first choice of C.S. Lewis’s Till We Have Faces and I’m already onto my third book. I feel disappointed in myself that I did not start this as soon as I picked up my tablet. While my first choice was perfect I feel like my second one J.R.R. Tolkien’s Tales From the Dangerous Realm will need a second listening to catch a lot of it since the poetic prose was not quite as clear. I enjoyed listening to it, but I kept losing track of events and context. I feel like something like that is actually better read in a sircumstance where I could review and study the lines in detail; however having now gone through it imperfectly is far better than where I would have otherwise been with never having studied it.

Let bygones be bygones, Till We Have Faces was a masterpiece I utterly loved the book from beginning to end and if such a thing were even possible it made me even more of a fan of Lewis. I already picked up a membership in Amazon’s Audible Audio club, and will likely put much of my entertainment budget into those for the next couple months. I just wish I could have passed some of my univeristy studies so easily and enjoyably, getting out, taking long strolls and getting some air.