Section One Revised

Hero Worship, Section One: False Protagonist.

I continue work on the story, but was sidetracked as I my National Guard unit was activated for Covid-19 relief (I worked assembling kits for food banks if you’re curious). I have however made progress, including a large revision to the first section, expanding it adding quite a bit of action and humor along with some more characters. Most prominent in the gentleman in the picture: Duke Lazarus the leader of the New Guardians and self-proclaimed deadliest man in the Galaxy. Lazarus was an ordinary man until one day he was watching a martial arts program on TV while sitting in the bathtub. While reenacting an energetic move he knocked the TV into the water thereby infusing him with all the secrets of every martial arts master to ever live, along with many fictional ones, along with enough electricity to kill a rhinoceros. His merchandising line is more, ahem, extensive than most as it includes numerous Asian themed weapons, and even guide books about how you too can unlock your hidden powers and become a world-class fighter for just twelve easy payments of $9.95 (plus shipping and handling). No need for years of hard training like other fighting systems, he offers the secrets the other masters are afraid to teach, that can turn anyone into an expert in just two months! What an unbelievable deal, that has been carefully checked by his lawyers to avoid language that might entrap Duke Lazarus into any lawsuits.
From now on I’ll be dividing the story into different documents for ease of editing and navigation. I’ve received a lot of helpful feedback which has improved the first section a great deal, and I’m currently well into revising the second part:

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