The Shadow: Double Z, audio-pulp

Review of, The Shadow: Double Z audio pulp as recorded by @RazorFist
First off, Walter B Gibson’s writing is on point here, with the story effortlessly shifting between perspectives and leaving enough clues to pull you along. We should remember that this version of the character does not actually turn invisible, but works as a master of stealth and misdirection to where people might take it for a supernatural ability. This was inspired by a couple of real cases, and they’re woven into the Shadow’s world so that you don’t need any prior knowledge. The villain is only hinted at through most of the story, but this fits since his capabilities and methods mirror those of the Shadow himself.

Something to admire and even emulate about the style of the old pulps was the efficiency of the narrative. In the hands of a great writer like Gibson the limits to the length became a strength as the story moves along, and it alludes to a much larger world without getting wrapped up in it.
While Razorfist is an enthusiast the audio-work here is professional quality, even adding music and sound effects consistent with old radio-plays and narrating with a high degree of period flare. He voices the characters very distinctly and with a lot of personality, which leads me to my only real quibble that it might have been better had some scenes had other voice actors to complete the feel of a longer form radio-drama. Side note, Batman the Animated series recorded its voice actors together as if it were a radio play so they could truly respond to each other.
Overall I give it an affectionate 9/10 maybe a 9.5, and will probably give it another listen in the very near future. I truly hope for more like this, and maybe with podcasts and audio-books taking off this could lead to a new way to enjoy the original pulp novels.